Kazue Mizushima

Fashion stylist (Creative artist)

Worked on a wide range of styling and costume design for magazine, advertisement, commercial, fashion show, award event, music video, movie, TV program, fashion brand lookbook, celebrities, top model, actress, musician and more.

Walked on the red carpet at the Cannes International Film Festival.
Also appeared on TV programs such as "NijiiroJene", and "Fashion tsushin"(1500th Anniversary Special)
Also worked as a fashion brand advisor, fashion brand collaborator and a fashion school special lecturer.

In recent years, had planned and directed sustainable fashion feature for HONEY magazine
(sustainability is the most important)

Currently, building career as a fashion stylist based in L.A.
Bridging the gap between California and Japan through fashion.
Wide range of styling from high fashion to casual.
Has serialized articles in Blue. and WWDjp.
Also active as a lecturer at Lifco. (L.A. Fashion School).

水嶋 和恵

Fashion stylist (Creative artist)


Cannes International Film Festivalにてレッドカーペットを歩行。
Fashion 通信/1500回記念特番(BS TV東京)ニジイロジーン(フジTV)等の番組に出演。
その実績により、 ファッションブランドとのコラボレーション、アドバイザーや、ファッションスクールの特別講師、HONEY MagazineにてSustainable fashion特集を提案、企画、Directorも務めた。(Sustainableは、最も重要な事)

又、Vegan Fashion Week at L.A、TOMFORD runway show at Hollywood、New York、Paris Collection、Givenchy fashion show at N.Y.、Tiffany N.Y. event等に招待され、活躍の場は世界に広がる。

High fashionからCasual fashion迄、幅広いStylingを行っている。
Blue. および WWDjpにて記事連載中。
Lifco.(L.A Fashion scool lecter)にて講師としても活躍中。